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Jack Drake and Molly Sherbourne are catapulted together during a tour of a remarkable archaeological site in the British Isles. During the tour, a cascade of unlikely events - some seemingly supernatural - leads them to realize that they have been exposed to a technology beyond their understanding, and that technology is changing them.

The secret to controlling these changes lie locked in the ancient Runehenge and in its missing keys. Following only the faintest of clues, they must tame the power that has seized them, the growing power of Earth's prehistoric high-tech relics, which are being abused by an interstellar cabal intent on destroying humankind and the Earth.

In a desperate effort to stop this destruction, Molly and Jack find themselves starting a nanotech-based human potential movement. As they struggle for understanding and survival, they learn to love and trust one another.

They also learn that "supernatural" has more than one definition, and that their struggle is no accident - they were designed - engineered as part of a plan that was old before they were born. In a battle between their predestined roles and their own desires, they chase rumor and speculation from world to world, grappling with their evolving human natures and their changing relationship as they are altered beyond their imaginations.

In the course of their adventures, a curious set of allies and enemies assembles around them, and they begin to understand the nano- and bio-machinery that makes their growing powers possible. As they grapple with the changes taking place in their bodies, their minds, and in the world around them, they struggle for a place in the galaxy-wide civilization that has so deeply touched them and the Earth they love.


Jack Drake heads from California to England in an effort to keep his mother from a disastrous second marriage and finds himself caught in a disaster of his own. A visit to an unusual Neolithic site changes him and his friend Molly in ways they can't understand, making them targets in a millennia-old war.

Together they discover the secrets of the past and explore a powerful technology that could change them, and the future of humanity, forever.

Pursued by one legend and aided by another in this eye-opening adventure of refuge and rescue where the impossible becomes logical, they struggle to come to terms with the ancient power growing inside them. In the process, they discover a threat hanging over the Earth - and a way to counter it.

But it will require a leap of faith, through time and space.


Following the clue left for them in the first key, Molly and Jack travel to Ayur, a parallel world dominated by ruthless interstellar interests. Finding common cause with a desperate secret human organization and a clan of rebel AIs, Molly and Jack search for the next missing key while helping the people of Ayur toward revolution and self-determination.

Meanwhile on Earth, the First Awakened struggle against a plague of nano-technology gone wrong in what appears more and more like an orchestrated series of terrible accidents, and in the face of the increasingly difficult to control power in the ancient relics scattered around the globe.

In a race against time, Molly and Jack must find the next key and a way to return it to Earth - before the Earth is no more.


Brian Jayne was born in Cleveland Ohio at the exact moment the Cuyahoga river caught fire, but one must never mistake correlation for causation...

In the years since then, Brian has worked as technical director, lighting designer and set designer for a number of Off-Off-Broadway theatrical productions and as a textbook and pornography author (not always in the same book) since the Days Of The Typewriter.

He acquired a degree in film production in the 1980s and began a career in programming by writing transition instructions in assembler for an animation stand while creating bizarre Brazilian cigarette commercials. Since 1990 Brian has worked as a programmer, software project lead, content developer and database designer, and occasionally performs as a musician, or at poetry slams.

Brian wrote his first short story when he was four. He has written many stories since, and lived many, many more.

Contact Brian at: winky.dink@staticonthewire.com